• Javier García Pérez

COALA trusts us

April 17, 2020

The company COALA joins our sponsorship proposal. This food company is a specialist in the manufacture of all kinds of sauces for both small companies and large restaurant chains.

MUI ® is the commercial brand under which they manufacture a wide range of sauces, reductions and caramelised for supermarkets and food chains. On the other hand, DMR ® is the white label under which they manufacture a series of generic products, sauces and ready meals for hospitality services and other food companies. It should be noted its wide variety of frozen and sterilized products in glass containers, buckets, plastic or tin, are some of the possibilities they offer us. We also want to highlight the high quality of traditional dishes such as chickpea stew, bean stew, oxtail, marmitako, stewed lentils ... among others. From here we want to thank COALA for the trust placed in us and wish them the best of luck. Below we show you images of some of their products.

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