• Javier García Pérez

Farewell to C.D. Alfaro

June 25, 2021

After 7 years as goalkeeping coach of the C.D. Alfaro, in addition to being responsible for the methodological area of the club's goalkeepers, the time has come to say goodbye to the place where he has given me the opportunity to start in all this, with the sole objective of seeking new sporting challenges and continuing to grow and improve. day to day.

Here you have the farewell letter, in which I only have tokens of appreciation for the entire group that makes up this great family:

" Today is a special day for me. The time has come to say goodbye to this great club and this magnificent fans. I leave the place where I have been happiest in search of a new opportunity and new challenges in my sports career".

"You have given me the opportunity to start in all this and also to be able to continue growing year after year."

"When you look back, you feel obliged to thank all the coaches, coaches and employees of the club, for the trust they have placed in me over all these years. They have helped me grow both professionally and personally. It has been a real privilege to be able to share all this time. I only have words of thanks for each of them".

"I don't want to forget about my goalkeepers, since without them it would not have been possible to get here. It has been a very satisfying and enriching journey. Of all of them, I have many and very good memories. I have always thought that clubs do not become great because of the shield they wear on their shirts, but because of the people who work for them and you are part of it".

"I want to thank the people who trusted me from day one, especially his president and his board of directors. They have made this experience unforgettable".

"Finally, I cannot forget the fans for all the respect and support they have given me. You are the Alfaro. I hope you continue to support and enjoy every game with the team".

"For me it has been a real pleasure to have been able to represent and defend the shield of this club during these 7 years that I have been here. From a distance, there will continue to be one more C.D. Alfaro and I hope and sincerely hope that the club achieves its goals, since I have no doubt that it has the capacity and potential to do so".

"It is not a goodbye, it is a see you soon. I am sure that in the near future our paths will meet again. I will always be one more black and white and I will carry the Alfaro shield in my heart".


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