• Javier García Pérez

Intensive technification training

July 30, 2020

Last Wednesday, July 29, I carried out a new training session in the facilities of the artificial grass field of "La Molineta", located in Alfaro.

The day was made up of 6 goalkeepers, some of them from other communities and regions.

Within it, a wide variety of coordination exercises, reaction speed and goal situations could be revealed, all of them focused on real game situations.

The main objective was to instill in young goalkeepers an own work methodology in order to reduce their response times and thus be able to interpret the different situations that may arise in competition in a more efficient way, in order to guarantee the correct decision making.

From here we want to thank the Alfaro Soccer School for all the facilities they have given us to carry out the activity and we wish them the best of luck for the next season and that in turn they obtain many sporting successes.

Here are some images from the training session:

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