• Javier García Pérez

C.D. Alfaro unbeatable record

February 17, 2020

During the 2018-2019 season, Jonathan Heredia broke the unbeatable record in the recent history of C.D. Alfaro, reaching 637 minutes consecutively without conceding a goal, which is equivalent to just over 7 full games. The streak was cut in the 7th minute of the match at the municipal stadium of Haro, a team that ended up leading the group and subsequently rose to the bronze category of Spanish football. The teams that suffered the good form of the goalkeeper were: C.D. Arnedo, C.D. Autol, U.D. Logroñés B, C.D. Alberite, C.D. Varea, C.A. Vianés and C.D. Rápid of Murillo. The balance of the same was 6 wins and 1 draw, which was in the lands of Logroño against C.D. Varea.

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